On this page, we will guide you on how to move into the world "Creator's Mansion" operated by Metaverse Navi (individually operated) as a Cluster.

Conditions for moving in

The conditions for moving into Creators Mansion Buildings 1 and 2 are as follows.

  • Must be recommended by a current resident
  • Residents must be able to create their own room worlds
  • A world gate to the apartment can be installed in the room (world craft is not possible)
  • Those who can upload the world of the room within one month from the application
  • Those who can comply with the regulations of room making
  • Manners

The above people are eligible to move in. Please note that if you do not meet the above conditions, you will not be eligible to move in.

In addition, it is prohibited to ask a third party to create the room, or to upload the world of the room with an account other than the resident. Please note that if you are found, you will be subject to forced eviction even after moving in.

*We are considering new recruitment and World Craft rooms from Building No. 3 onwards.

Flow from application to move-in

The flow from application to moving in is as follows.

  1. Recommendation from a resident
  2. Tenant examination
  3. Send basic data or dimensions of the room
  4. Room production (one month after sending the data)
  5. Upload the world of the room in the tenant account
  6. choose room number
  7. Connect rooms with World Gate
  8. Start moving in

Room design rules

The basic rules for creating a room are as follows.

Matters to be observed

  • Do not change the size or shape of the room significantly from the base data (approx. width 5m depth 14m height 2.8m)
  • Install the designated world gate to the mansion hall at the entrance door
  • The size of the veranda/balcony must not exceed the size of the room itself.
  • It is NG to connect to the outside as soon as you enter the room
  • It is NG to create separate layers such as the second floor and basement
  • Do not leave your room or veranda
  • Keep the room open for viewing (temporarily closed to the public is acceptable)
  • Set the image of the room as the thumbnail of the world and include the notation of Creator's Mansion (English available).
  • Write "Creator's Mansion ○ building ○○○" on the world image of the room.
  • Include the name "Creator's Mansion" at the end of the world name of the room or in the overview.

Rooms that do not comply with the above cannot be connected. Also, please be aware that you may be subject to forced eviction even after moving in.

*In the case of production in Unity, we will give you the base data of the room.

What is allowed

  • テクスチャ画像の設置
  • Placement of assets
  • Installation of partitions
  • Installation of windows on all sides
  • Installation of a veranda (do not exceed the area of ​​the room)
  • Loft installation
  • Installation of outside scenery (skybox object)
  • Portal installation to another world

If you have any other questions, please contact us individually.

At Creators' Mansion, the rules are kept to the bare minimum to maintain the world view of the condominium so as not to excessively limit the living comfort and free thinking of residents.

Tenancy cancellation/forced eviction

If you want to cancel the room, please let us know from the manager's Twitter DM.

Also, if you see a resident's violation of rules or manners, please let us know from the manager's Twitter DM. Depending on the content, we will force you to leave with administrator authority.

You cannot transfer the right to move in when you cancel or move out. At that time, we will recruit again.

About the right to recommend

Recommendations for prospective tenants will be given authority to recommend once per person from two months after moving in. We ask that you refrain from any act that causes inconvenience to residents in order to receive a recommendation.

*Please note that we cannot accept recommendations from residents who have been found to be in violation of the rules, or who have multiple complaints from residents.