What is Creators Mansion?

Creator's Mansion is a residence in the Metaverse where creators create rooms. When you open the apartment door, you will be connected to a virtual room created by world creators. If you set up a new server, you can also use it as your own private room. You can enjoy it from a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, and VR, so please come and visit us.

Metaverse Platform - Cluster

"Cluster" is a metaverse platform that allows you to gather and play in a virtual space from various environments such as smartphones, PCs, and VR devi…


This is a creator's room created with Unity.

C1-302 武田カルパッチョ

This is an open room with a beautiful ocean view.

C2-403 焼かつお

A room with a beautiful ocean view. You can also change the time of day: morning, evening, night.

C2-203 しゅななー

This room has a fairy-tale-like and cute world view.

C1-202 ヨーデル

A space for adults with a calm atmosphere. The night sky seen from the balcony is also a must-see.

C1-地下 Mono Bar

A popular bar inside the apartment. Customers from all over the world gather every night.

C2-302 むぎ

A room with beautiful light and the sound of rain. I lose track of time when I sit and watch the rainwater flowing down the window.

C4-13(402) バクチク

A cyberpunk room full of life. The night view from the rooftop is also a must-see.

C1-403 Kanon

A stylish room with a mature atmosphere and a beautiful night view.


All items are completely scratch-made, including accessories. A stylish room where you can enjoy artistic design.

C3-301 苺どろっぷ

This is a fully scratch-built modern Japanese room with beautiful lighting and a relaxing feel.

C4-401 えがいち

A stylish BAR ROOM with a panoramic view of the beautiful night view of the city.

WorldCraft Rooms

This is a creator's room created using cluster's world craft function.

W1-306 __PICO__
W1-503 mea(メア)
W1-403 さじま
V2-404 しょこ
W1-303 emma
W1-205 yuki
W1-201 Hideaki Mizui
W1-202 ふたば

VTuber Rooms

This is a VTuber's room created with Unity.

V1-203 おはよう真夜中
V1-301 天乃寂
V1-202 甘野氷
V1-303 桜兎フルガ
V1-502 Dr法月ロイ
V1-201 L*aura
V2-501 糸氏こもも
V1-501 由宇霧(ゆうぎり)



This is a shopping mall-type world that contains Creator Buildings 1 and 2. There is a tenant on the central street where you can open an item shop.


This is a world that contains Creator Buildings 3 and 4. Creative Village is currently recruiting tenants and shops to become tenants.


This is the world where Cluster's World Craft Buildings 1 and 2 are located.